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Objectives of the Graduate Program in Computer Education and Instructional Technology

(1) Computer and Instructional Technologies Education (CEIT) master program aims to respond to the need of qualified personnel specialized in instructional design for the public and private sectors.

(2) To meet the needs of the experts in distance education through the academic studies and the courses to be carried out within the scope of this program and thesis and publications.

(3) To contribute to the social innovation process which is one of the primary targets of the country by conducting project based studies in addition to scientific studies in the field of educational technologies.

(4) It is obvious that the technologies used in the technology and educational environments change rapidly. Accordingly, it is important to increase the knowledge and skills of the teachers, while the Ministry of National Education emphasizes on the FATIH project. For the success of the FATIH project, it is necessary to encourage the prospective teachers to develop master’s degree programs in order to develop innovative teaching materials by using new technologies and to take the role in the integration process. Thereby, this program aims to provide and develop the opportunity for current teachers to train themselves on such topics.

(5) In the cyber physical systems “Industry 4.0” age the skills of coding and programming is expected to become more important than ever. This program aims to contribute this paradigm shift.

(6) The program aims increase the awareness of the emerging technologies.


 Student Admission and Evaluation

(1) Students who will apply for Computer Education and Instructional Technology mater program are required to meet the minimum requirements stated in the Graduate Education Regulations of Tokat Gaziosmanpasa University, which is affiliated to the Institute of Educational Sciences.

(2) In the admission of the students who are not Turkish citizens, they must meet the minimum requirements stated in the Regulation on Graduate Education and Examination of the University.

(3) The entrance examination and evaluation of the students who apply for the Computer Education and Instructional Technology Program are carried out by a jury of at least three persons determined by the Executive Institute. In the entrance exam, the rules of the Graduate School Regulations for Graduate Education and Examination are applied.

(4) When necessary, the Executive Board of the Graduate Program may amend the relevant provisions of the Admissions Entrance Exam and Evaluation.


Student Operations

(1) The student who is accepted to the master’s program, enrolls to the institute and during the education and registration process all other student transactions (course registrations, achievement status, diploma procedures, etc.) must be carried out by the Institute in accordance with the university’s graduate education regulations.

(2) The graduate program applies the grading system of the supervisory institute.

(3) Students enrolled in the master’s program can benefit from the student’s rights and facilities such as library, laboratory, workshop etc.


Head of the department: Assoc.Prof. İbrahim ARPACI



Assoc.Prof. Necmi EŞGİ

Assoc.Prof. İbrahim ARPACI

Assoc.Prof. Kerem KILIÇER

Assoc.Prof. Salih BARDAKCI

Assoc.Prof. Vildan ÖZEKE

Assist. Prof. Mehmet Emin AKSOY